The Operafhouse is one of the most prestigious and leading companies in women’s evening gowns and wedding dresses, with a history that goes back to 1991.

The unique design and the quality of our products characterise our approach to create outfits with the highest standards that we set both to our partners and to ourselves.

The specialised atelier that we collaborate with and also our well-known designer, Mr. Ioannis Koktsidis are the guiding force behind our creations, so we can offer you not only innovative design and high quality, but also flexibility. Therefore, we can co-create your wedding dress or your evening gown exactly as you have dreamt of!

Quickly and easily under proper guidance from the experienced staff of our store, you are being given the opportunity to design the dress of your dreams for your big day or for a special event, and even make the changes you want to some of our current creations - a huge advantage offered by our brand all these years.

Now, by using our e-shop from the comfort of your space, and with the same trust and guarantee provided by our brand, you can browse our collection - at least most of the outfits -, place your orders and enjoy the advantage of unique online benefits.

The Operafhouse creations are suitable for women of all ages who have a modern life-style attitude and want to be different, express their style and reflect their personality through their clothing choices. Clothes that are modern or classic, but always with a feminine sense of style, that follow the world’s fashion trends.

Our aim has always been and still is to offer a special buying experience both at our physical store and online!

Enjoy the experience!