Unique creations of high aesthetic that cover all tastes and styles.

Wedding dresses for your happily-ever-after fairytale day, made to impress with their unique style, and either with a simple pattern following the “simplicity is beauty” moto for minimalists, or a breathtaking extravagant touch to make you sparkle, but always with a chic element, the highest standards and top-quality materials.

At Operafhouse you will find handmade wedding dresses of our designer Ioannis Koktsidis (Ioannis Koktsidis Haute Couture Collection), but also some selected ones of Greek and international designers with prominent style.

You will also have the opportunity to combine different elements, change our current wedding dresses, and even opt to create your custom-made bridal dress with the help of our specialised atelier so as to wear the dress of your dreams on your big day. 

Enjoy the unique experience